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Almost Home Animal Rescue

Animals are Almost Home until they find their furever home!

A foster-based, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to finding loving, forever homes for homeless animals.

Hours by Appointment Only.

German Shepherd Rescued

Almost Home featured in People Magazine!

Nikki the German Shepherd spent months on the streets of Detroit before Almost Home Animal Rescue League and South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery saved the dog.

💓PUPDATE 🗞️ 💓 Today marks 3 months since @veestranderin adopted Sherlock! “He has changed my life for the better and I couldn’t imagine life without him. He’s the sweetest boy and all the neighbors love to come over to play with him in his new yard!” Do you have a pupdate? Share with us by tagging on Instagram and Facebook! ...

⚠️URGENT‼️Fosters Needed!!

We have several dogs still urgently needing fosters on our upcoming Transport Tuesday, 6-20-23 like sweet Scruffy here. He’s 6 months old and you can sign up to foster him here->

Cha Cha Slide, 1 hop this time.... 💃
Meet our adorable Dachshund mix female “Cha Cha”. She is spayed and Current on shots, friendly and sweet! She is good with other dogs. She has a lot of puppy energy and would benefit from being in an active home! Cha Cha is an absolute sweetheart! She does not have a mean bone in her body – even when faced with her grumpy, growling senior Chihuahua housemates! Cha Cha loves to play and go on walks. She does well on a leash. She is crate trained and working hard on housetraining. She is so loving and wants nothing more than find her forever family! She’s located in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Fill out an adoption application to meet her today! ❤
Adoption Application:

It is #givingthursday time and we wanted to thank everyone for your continued support! All donations/funds go directly to animals in need. We use donations towards bones, stuffed squeaker toys (an all-time pup favorite), wet food, medication, dry food, leashes, collars, tags, supplies and vet bills. It costs a lot to keep Almost Home animals fed, warm and safe while we help them find their forever homes. Consider donating today! 🐶❤🐶❤🐶
Donation link to our website:

Meet the ever so handsome Ramen (aka Romen). He is very laid back 8-year-old Poodle mix (25 pounds). He was rescued from an overcrowded shelter in the south. Almost Home took him in where he has been living a cozy life in his foster home. He unfortunately had heartworm and Almost Home paid for him to get well. He just finished his treatments and is negative at this time. He may have had some arthritis in his back legs. His treatment included steroids and it seemed to help. Fill out an Adoption Application to meet him ❤

Here are some things his foster mom says about him:
* He loves to be pet by everyone.
* He loves rubber balls and chew sticks but may show a little possession with them.
* He loves to be brushed and has been trimmed a little (by foster mom is not a groomer lol).
* Sole dog in home. Not sure about cats.

Rescue based in Oakland County, MI
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Volunteers Needed for Upcoming
Fundraising Events! 🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏼‍♂️🙋
July 4th weekend and Labor Day weekend, Almost Home volunteers work a beverage booth in Royal Oak and collect much needed donations for animals in
need! 🐶🍻 Can you help us for a few hours? We will train you before hand or when you show up. Grab a friend or family member and we will see you there! 🎟
18 and up please!

Our little Valencia, or Val for short, is as perfect and ideal as the orange variety he’s named after! Valencia Oranges are known to have a famous bit of bitter tang in their sweetness, giving them this distinct character, and that was Valencia’s first weeks here on earth. He was born on a farm, nurtured and cared for by his mother, but then unexpectedly losing her not long after his birth, and having only his brother (Clementine) to cling to for security and hope of what might happen next. When Almost Home Rescue heard about this tragedy of motherless kittens needing bottle feedings and nursing and all-around comfort, we wanted to give him the best beginning in life that we could. Having a lactating mother cat in our Rescue currently nursing her baby, (Strawberry Shortcake & Orange Blossom), who had suffered a loss herself before coming to us, we thought it might be the perfect comfort and decided to try to save his life.
Since then, Valencia has turned the corner from a grieving sweetheart who was unsure of his future with his four paws wrapped around his brother, to a precious kitten who is so sweet. He’s a kitten who has thrived on any reassurance, and is growing every day in his confidence and joy. Valencia is weaned and on solid foods, is litter box trained, growing in his independence, and looks for comfort of being held (his adoptive feline Mommy brings him to her side, kisses him, lets him rest on her back, and when she’s done her part, his Foster Home Mommy does the same!) 😊 Would you have it in your heart to continue the comfort this sweet boy, and tell him his life from now on is going to be as peaceful as the soft blue seas and as gentle as the kisses he gives? Do you like stargazing? Because that’s Val’s favorite time of night, and he looks up to any evening sky without fail, each night, with a special connection and a smile on his face and his head distinctly raised, in absolute peace. Or perhaps he’s just thanking his 1st Mommy…….running his motor, and telling her he’s just fine.
Rescue based in Oakland county, MI.
Adoption Application:

Have you ever met a kitten so special, so intriguing, that an entire song & country line-dance was the inspiration for his name? Then you’ll definitely want to meet our “Orange Blossom Special”, and you’ll be instantly enamored! There isn’t a person who has laid eyes upon him, or held him in their arms, who doesn’t fall in love.
The offspring of the beautiful Strawberry Shortcake, a sweetheart of a dilute calico mother, he takes after her dilute coloring with a stunningly buff and white coat, eyes a mixture of blue and golden flecks, and the most lovely length of fur thusfar that is the softest you’ve ever felt. He is inseparable from his mother (and would love if you’d ever consider a bonded pair adoption, his dream come true!), always by her side learning his set of manners on how to properly conduct himself, his extremely affectionate demeanor gleaned from her, and his love of being held and played with, sweetness in all he does, all that she has gifted him for his future endeavors.
Orange Blossom has also worked hard on his character trait of courage, in spite of what he’s been faced with, and it shows in his positive, can-do approach to life. He’s the first to want to try anything, and he’ll make you giggle at his growing interest in climbing and exploring, playing with toys or his adopted siblings, taking his naps in the fuzzy cat hammock in the sunshine that he scales levels to reach, and lying on your chest or in your hands, for an abundance of kisses, strokes, and affection. There isn’t anyone he has met, human, canine, or feline, that he isn’t instantly connected with. He loves when you sing to him, or a song is on the computer or radio, and we’d bet he’d dance to his namesake-song if only he could, it describes his personality that much! You won’t regret it, he’ll be your Orange Blossom Special, and he’ll shower you with all that he is, and can be in the future, if only you’ll let him into your heart.
Rescue based in West Bloomfield, MI.
Adoption Application:

❌❌ Another Urgent Foster Needed!!! ❌❌
Stark is a neutered, male Standard Poodle about 11 months. He is up to date on shots, potty trained and walks good on a leash. He is an owner surrender and has anxiety. He would do best in a quiet but and does really good with other animals. Just needs someone that can be home often. Please fill out a Foster Application right away! Thank you ❤
Rescue based in Oakland County, MI.
Foster Application:

Meet Gail and her daughter, Lauren of Almost Home

About Us

Almost Home Animal Rescue League was founded in 1999 by Gail Montgomery Schwartz and Lauren Montgomery Anchill.  The mother and daughter team became disheartened while volunteering at various animal shelters.

Being of the ‘never kill’ philosophy, they were disturbed by the endless euthanasia practiced simply because animals were born homeless and society felt there was no place for them.

Gail and Lauren wanted a huge difference in our animals’ lives.  Almost Home became the first Never Kill 501 (c)(3) animal rescue organization.  Almost Home is the one and only pure never kill organization.  It’s truly a place for dogs and cats to not only feel safe but to be safe.

We are so proud of our work and all the people who are instrumental in saving lives with us.  Here’s to being the model never kill animal rescue.  Love to all.  Peace and good life to all.

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