Feb 062016

igiveIt’s So Easy – Contribute to Almost Home While You Shop!

Click to explore iGive.com — where a portion of what you buy through popular online retail web sites is automatically contributed to Almost Home!

We’ve registered with iGive.com so that when you shop, Almost Home benefits from the sale! The amount varies by retailer, but we get at least a small portion of every sale when you register!

You were going to shop anyway — why not contribute in this super convenient way?

Read more and thanks in advance for your generosity — with your help we’re bringing all the animals HOME!

Also, if you designate Almost Home as your Kroger charity of choice, a donation will be made to Almost Home each time you use your Kroger card. Thank you!

Nov 182015

AmazonsmileDid you know there’s another super easy way to help us? It’s Amazon Smile!

You can make a donation simply by shopping with Amazon Smile — it’s the same Amazon you already know — and a portion of your purchase will go to Almost Home!

Check it out by going here and finding out more. Enter Almost Home Animal Rescue League (Southfield, Michigan) as the charity name and start shopping!  It’s fast and easy — and couldn’t be more convenient!