Oct 182016
emptyWe are beyond excited to be partnering with the Bissell Pet Foundation by participating in their EMPTY THE SHELTERS adoption event!

On Saturday, October 22nd, BPF will pay for ALL adoption fees at 51 locations across Michigan! We are so happy to announce that Almost Home was approved to be among those 51!  This means animals adopted on this day, October 22nd, will have their adoption fee PAID FOR by the Bissell Pet Foundation on YOUR BEHALF!

This will be an amazing day for rescued pets across the state and a huge opportunity to build awareness for the importance of adoption!

We are offering free adoptions for our dogs on the list* only. The event starts at 11:30 am and ends at 6:30 pm. Let’s empty the shelter together!

Put your applications in today for pre-approval!

All fees will be (waived) No charge to YOU! All we ask is that potential adopters to please put in YOUR applications now for pre-approval.

*Dogs that will be on the list only are:

Angelina, Axel, Pete, Jerry, Matilda, Petunia, Polly, Edwina, Jackie, Lester, Minnie, Rhonda, Ricardo, Chip, Cody, Halo, Rocky, Rico, Toffee, Wilma, Arthur, Franco, Mel, Sylvester, Avery, Digby, Fergie, Gillian, Jasper, Jewel, Moe, and Molly.

**All cats and kittens are included in this list!**

As usual, ALL adoption applicants will need to establish that they can and will provide a safe, responsible, and loving Forever Home for their pet 

Help us Spread the Word and EMPTY THE SHELTERS on October 22nd!!! More information on this event can be found at: http://www.bissellpetfoundation.org/emptytheshelters/

Aug 012016

helpahWe’re in desperate need of funds — we owe over $8,000 to Wilson’s Vet and to other providers of services to the animals we help!  Go here to find us on Crowdrise and donate directly or click on the donate button to the right to send a donation to help us stay open and helping animals!

Help us help dogs like Jackie.  She came to us a year ago from the streets of Southfield and was brought in by a police officer. She is currently up for adoption, and all animals remain in our care until they find their forever homes.  Read More . . .