Sep 022015

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Sep 012015


We are sorry to report that Taylor passed away late yesterday.  We extend our deep thanks to those who supported our struggle to keep her alive.

Taylor came to us on June 10th. She was found wandering around the streets of Southfield.

She was picked up by animal control and brought to Almost Home. Upon arrival she was weak and dehydrated. Staff immediately administered fluids. She was skin and bones. We brought her to the front office where we put a bed and blankets on the floor to get her comfy. To our horror we saw the scars all across her head along with cigarette burns on the top of her head and throughout her body. She cuddled up to us and our heart broke to see such a sweet soul in such terrible condition. We fed her and she ate like there was no tomorrow.

As we bathed her we suspected that she was pregnant. Very pregnant . . .two days later she gave birth to five puppies. All survived but one. She was a wonderful mother.  All her puppies were adopted but no one wanted her as everyone wants a puppy.

Taylor seemed depressed. We tried to comfort her but she just didn’t seem right.  She stopped eating and became lethargic. We took her temperature and it was quite high. We were very concerned so we rushed her to the hospital. The doctor examined her. He took x-rays, blood work temperature listened to her lungs. . .the doctor looked very concerned. Taylor was immediately admitted to the hospital on 8/25/15.

Taylor is now in critical condition with pneumonia. She is in an oxygen tent and cannot be out of it for more than 30 seconds. The doctor’s are giving her lasix (diuretics) treatments, injections, etc. However, they are caught between a rock and a hard place because giving fluids which she needs goes against the lasix treatments as she has so much fluid in her lungs.

The next step will be more x-rays, a trachea wash and to aspirate her lungs as she is too weak to cough it out herself. But, the problem is she is not able to breath without her oxygen tent. Doctors are patiently waiting for the opportunity to give her more tests and treatments.

Taylor’s medical treatment is costing Almost Home a small fortune. To make things worse, our Facebook page with over 60,000 loyal fans and supporters from all over the world has been hacked. Our Facebook page is gone. . .destroyed and nowhere to be found.  While our supporter’s struggle to find us they cannot and Taylor lay in an oxygen tent struggling to stay alive. Our main way to communicate with our followers is gone now.  As a hacker enjoys his fun.

We have contacted FB over and over and they have not responded. Almost Home is in dire straits. However, we believe that every life is truly precious and we will not give up on her.

She has been through so much in her life. Just thinking of all the abuse and neglect she has endured rips our heart out. Please help us to help her and all our other innocent animals. Taylor sweetheart, we together will not let you down.

Please help! Go to the Donate button above and donate what you can to help us with Taylor’s care. Taylor needs you now!