A Message from Bronx

BronxYes it’s me, Bronx!

I have been quite the celebrity thanks to all you folks! I am trying not to be smitten with fame but what the heck! I’m the handsomest dude in town. Well, that’s what I have been told. I still have a way to go before I am completely gorgeous. I had my surgery to remove the large cherry in each eye a couple weeks ago. I can actually see where I’m going now. Had a dental including a lot of extractions but I still have my front pearly whites. Now they are working on my skin and ears. . .Oy Vey!

Everyone is going to go CRAZY when they see me at the Gala. I’m told there will be hors d’oeuvres, an elegant dinner, drinks, dessert, dancing with a live band, silent auction, raffle, 50/50 raffle and more. But the best part is some of my special animal friends will be there with their parents. Some like Champ and Victor and others who have had horrific tragic previous lives like me. But the good part is they are NOW living the best life ever. With the help of good people like you there is hope!  I heard the buzzzzzz that they will come up on stage and receive their badge of courage. Our heartfelt speaker will introduce each and everyone of us. I am so excited for the world to see me. Oh, I’m so sorry I am a bit full of myself but the excitement of saving more and more precious lives just takes me away. So, that being said — I am begging for your help once again. But this time its not a sad story but a glorious story to keep the momentum going — help Almost Home continue their amazing hard work for all of us and more to come!

Almost Home desperately needs sponsors for the Gala coming up very soon. Without them we are . . . yikes! I can’t even say it. Okay, deep breath . . .we need . . . here goes . . . MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please view the “Rescue Me” Gala Corporate Sponsorship Forms below. If you have a business or you know someone who does please ask! It’s tax deductible, too. Ya know what I mean? Write it off on your taxes! Okay, I’m a bit tired of begging — being an English Bulldog I need my beauty sleep.

See you at the Historic Players Club of Detroit and I will save a dance for you!

Very Truly Yours . . .Bronx



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Check out our Wish List on Amazon! Just like you’d “register” for gifts for a big occasion, we’ve registered for items we REALLY need and will help the shelter! Target your giving and make sure you’re getting us what will really help our dogs and cats the most — now it’s so easy to do!

Have fun browsing and remember, every donation is needed and appreciated!

They’re Almost Home — let’s get them there!