Claiming Lost Animals / Return to Owner (RTO)

We’re very sorry, we no longer provide this service.

We can only give back animals on the days we are open: Monday 12pm – 5 pm, Tuesday 12 pm – 5 pm, Wednesday 12 pm-5 pm, Thursday – CLOSED, Friday 12 pm-5 pm, Saturday – the City is closed so if you don’t have a license you will have to wait until Monday, Sunday – CLOSED.  Please bring the following to reclaim your animal:

  1.  Proof the animal is yours  (picture of animal along with vaccination records, also an old animal license. (All has to be in owner’s name).
  2. Animal License MANDATORY – this is available at your city of residence as long as you have your up to date RABIES VACCINATION.  If you don’t have one, the shelter or a mobile vet can supply the vaccination at your expense and lend it to you to obtain the animal license.
  3. CASH ONLY payment – depends on the medicine given/vaccinations/amount of days the animal stayed here (Boarding Fees).
  4. Owner’s valid photo ID.

Upon entering the shelter all animals are properly vaccinated: DHPPV, BORDETELLA, DEWORMER, HEARTWORM TEST, (FRONTLINE, HEARTGUARD, MEDICATIONs, GROOMING, SURGERY AND COSTS GIVEN) to ensure their stay here is healthy and happy.  Our costs are very modest compared to most shelters and we treat our animals like family, so please understand it is absolutely required that all animals get their vaccinations prior to pickup.  Thank you!