Please Help! We are desperately seeking support for the Almost Home No-Kill Animal Shelter.

In the near future we may lose our ability to operate our shelter on Clara Lane in the City of Southfield. For more than a decade, Almost Home has been successfully operating, lovingly caring for and finding forever homes for dogs and cats at this location.

Our ability to operate here is now being called into question. We have been informed the City of Southfield may want to restructure how they manage animal services and will possibly use our building for another purpose.

If, over these many years, you’ve adopted a dog or cat from us, supported us at an event, made a donation, or simply love our mission of NEVER giving up on ANY animal, please support us.

We are still waiting to learn our fate. Please help us by making a donation and/or letting those in City Hall know that we’d like to keep Almost Home operating as the successful and totally committed NO-KILL shelter it has been.

We were told at one point that the decision on how the City would move forward would be made at the Southfield City Council meeting on June 3rd at 6 p.m.

Update, 6/3: Thanks to all who attended the Southfield City Council meeting on Monday, June 3rd. It was truly very impressive to have so many supporters turn out! The animal services/shelter item was not on the Council agenda, but we will continue to monitor the situation closely.

Update, 6/13: We are continuing to await more information from the City of Southfield. Keep watching here and on Facebook for further updates.

Update, 6/18:

📢📣 CALL TO ACTION 📢📣! – An organization is only as strong as its Supporters!


Dear Almost Home Supporters, Community, Family:

There are still many unknowns as to the fate of our shelter and animals as we wait for the City of Southfield’s decision on which group will run this building, serving as the City of Southfield’s Animal Control services. On June 3rd, it was said a decision would be made by 6 weeks. We were told interviews would be conducted by an **unbiased??** committee to give their recommendations to the City Council, who ultimately will vote on the outcome. That committee consisted of *not all* but many biased people who have actively bad-mouthed and worked against Almost Home. There are egos, conflicts of interest, and kill-advocates on that panel. We have been sitting in limbo, not knowing where to invest our next bout of energy/resources, as we wait at the mercy of the City’s decision.

We therefore have had no choice but to take a multi-faceted approach to prepare for the worst, and most importantly, safeguard the lives of the animals currently in our care. We would love for the City to choose us to remain in the building, and re-establish a constructive, positive, No-Kill solution for Southfield’s animal control issues. We love the City we have served successfully in a Never-Kill fashion for the past 13 years. We don’t want to leave. It is ‘Home’ to us.

We must, however, take multiple approaches/actions right now in effort to prepare for any array of potential outcomes. This is where we need your help:

1) PRAY – We greatly believe in the Power of Prayer at Almost Home. We humbly ask everyone to join us on our knees and storm Heaven with prayers for our animals and organization. We pray to be led where we are meant to be and serve after all of this. We pray these current struggles will be turned around and used for good to all those who trust and seek peace, love, and mercy in their hearts.

2) FOSTER/ADOPT/SHARE – We encourage everyone who has been itching to add to their family, either as a foster or forever home, to let go of any indecisiveness. PLEASE KNOW: NOW IS THE TIME. YOU ARE NEEDED! Please allow Almost Home’s current situation to be the healthy push that assists you off the fence. To prepare for the worst, we MUST find our animals homes now, especially our dogs who need to be in child-free, pet-free homes. Those dogs wait the longest and are at biggest risk for euthanasia if we cannot find a new building or place to go.

3) DONATE – (please note that 3rd party donation sites like GoFundMe take a percentage of the total donation raised). This is why we ask that all donations be made directly to Almost Home, at: 

– We need money to find or build a new facility if the City does not allow us to stay in theirs. We don’t want to have to do this, but must recognize that this is a very real possibility that could potentially be right round the corner if our bid is not accepted. We cannot wait to raise money once we are told to be out. We have to prepare now! If things end up working out well with the City, and we are allowed to stay, then we will simply have an abundance of monetary funds to go 100% toward the animals we currently serve, just like we fundraise year round for now.

Our animals require food, medical care, vaccines, microchips, heartworm prevention, behavioral training, among many other expenses. We NEVER have a surplus of funds. That’s not how it works doing hard Non-Profit work. When we receive donations, we use them to pay off the current debt we hold to vet offices/hospitals, etc. This is why we are often begging on facebook for monetary support when we get extreme cases of abuse/neglect when financial support is desperately needed.
YOUR DONATION toward a new shelter for us WILL HELP ALMOST HOME KEEP OUR ANIMALS SAFE FROM DEATH WHETHER THE FUNDS ULTIMATELY NEED TO BE USED FOR SECURING A NEW SHELTER BUILDING, OR SIMPLY TO CONTINUE THE ENDLESS WORK WE CURRENTLY DO. Our fundraising efforts have always tirelessly gone year round in order to accomplish the expensive work that a *NO-KILL* mission always requires.

4) CAMPAIGN – Please SIGN and SHARE our Petition to stay in the Southfield Animal Shelter building. We have currently over 35,000 signatures in just a couple weeks. Please ask your friends and family to sign in order to shine a large spotlight on how much Almost Home and the Never-Kill mission is wanted, treasured, and insisted upon. SIGN HERE:…

In closing, one of our volunteers said it best: The animals we care for are NOT just shelter orphans, that can be carelessly put to death if they get in the way. THEY TRULY ARE OUR OWN PETS TO THE STAFF AND VOLUNTEERS UNTIL THEY FIND THEIR PERMANENT HOMES. How much would you fight for the life of your own family pets at home? THAT IS HOW MUCH WE WILL FIGHT FOR THE ANIMALS IN OUR CARE. WE ARE THEIR ADVOCATES. WE ARE THEIR VOICES. They are OUR Family Members who love us and we love them. They are never too much trouble to serve. We are NOT HALF-HEARTED animal lovers. We DON’T JUST FIGHT FOR THE EASY, FLUFFY, CUTE, SMALL ANIMALS, we LOVE AND SUPPORT THEM ALL, EQUALLY. THEY ARE FAMILY. PLEASE STAND WITH ALMOST HOME SO WE CAN BECOME STRONGER THROUGH THIS CHALLENGE. How can anyone call themselves “Rescuers” if they won’t fight for them ALL?! There’s plenty of people wanting to help “easy” animals… that is easy. But, if you call yourself an animal lover and advocate, where are you when an animal who has suffered trauma at the hands of a human being, develops medical or behavioral issues as a result of that trauma? Euthanasia is a scapegoat that only allows the abuse and unfairness to continue, at the animal’s expense. It’s time to rise together and form forgiving, constructive, and positive plans for all animals. The ones who have experienced trauma at the hands of humans are the ones who need the most help, the most patience, the most resources, and the most mercy! Let’s not let them be a victim from beginning to end. JOIN US, AND LET’S BE THE ANSWER to their past. It begins on our knees in HUMILITY, knowing that we are not better than the next, but wise enough to answer the higher calling of purpose that not all will rise up to!

Thank you for your support, we have never needed you more!