UPDATE: Almost Home is currently that — Homeless.  Our bid to the City of Southfield has officially been rejected.

Almost Home has not received any formal communication updates from the City of Southfield about the outcome of the bidding process. We have been left in the dark since March. It has been brought to our attention that they held a meeting yesterday about it, and naturally, we and our supporters were unaware of it. Unfortunately, we had a feeling something like this would happen as we have 13 years experience learning and witnessing how the City operates. This is why we have wanted to attend Council meetings even if we weren’t on the agenda because everything has been so quiet. Without updates or notices, Almost Home could not focus our already exhausted energy into finding and effectively securing a new building for our animals. Well, that energy shifts NOW.

We coincidentally found out this morning that they did publish an outcome. The City received TWO proposals (one being Almost Home’s, the other being another 100% No-Kill rescue). They declined both. We can only deduce that the city has had a change of heart and no longer aligns with No-Kill missions. We have other insight with supportive evidence of the politics that went into this decision, but we cannot get into that right here and now. The bottom line is they did not accept either proposal and are still searching for other “viable options.”

This means Almost Home is out; but, we are thankful to finally know the outcome (out of our own efforts), so we can become greater than we’ve ever been before! Please support Almost Home in finding our new Forever Home!

Now is a time to network like never before. Do you know anyone who loves animals, supports selfless work and might want to Sponsor Almost Home in establishing a new building? Ideally, we would like a building in a commercial/light industrial area that is zoned for our purpose. We are 100% No-Kill, and want to be able to complete our mission serving cast-away animals fully, without politics poisoning the well. We want to be in a community that wants us and aligns with our same hearts considering the No-Kill Mission.

If you have any leads to a potential building, please eMail: Almosthome1965@gmail.com

Please Donate on our Web Site: http://almosthomeanimals.org/help-us/donate/

Or on our Go Fund Me Campaign: https://www.gofundme.com/f/urgent-funds-needed-for-a-new-bu…